Preceptis Medical, Inc.

Company Summary

Preceptis Medical is a US based, privately-held pediatric ENT device company commercializing the HummingbirdTM TTS, a surgical technology to minimize trauma during ear tube placements in children allowing the use of moderate sedation outside the operating room.

Transaction Overview

  • On 13 June, 2018, Preceptis Medical announced that it has closed its Series B financing led by a group of Chinese private investors with follow-on funding by Montesy Helen (HK) Limited.
  • In conjunction with the financing, Preceptis’ Chinese partners will be distributing the Hummingbird in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Significance of the Transaction

The Series B financing allows the Company to expand its commercial infrastructure, complete its office indication study, and develop future pipeline services and technologies.

Healthios Role

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Private Placement
Preceptis Medical, Inc.
Has completed its $6,000,000 equity financing by a syndicate of individual investors
The undersigned acted as an advisor to Preceptis Medical
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