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Emerging growth companies are the cornerstone of the global economy. They are the fastest-growing, most attractive firms generating consistently superior returns for investors.

As a boutique investment bank with more than 20 years of industry experience and offices in key emerging growth markets, Third500 is profoundly committed to the success of the fastest growing, most valuable companies in the world. We combine this extensive experience with proven deal execution and unique access to the people, resources and markets that are vital for success. First-rate solutions we offer our clients range from private placement to pre-IPO, strategic advisory, partnering, and M&A, with an exit strategy aimed at maximizing the investments of both the emerging growth companies and their investors.



Over the past 20 years, the effects of regulation and financial reform have transformed the nature of growth investing and significantly constrained access to capital for the fastest growing, most valuable companies in the world.

In the face of these challenges, Third500 is dedicated to making the global emerging growth capital markets more dynamic, accessible and efficient. Our effort is based on 3 governing principles:

To expand the size

of the global emerging growth capital markets by eradicating the costs of growth capital investing.

To reduce the risk

of growth investing by deploying technology to transform the origination, execution and portfolio management processes throughout the investment horizon.

To maximize

liquidity, valuation, and investment returns by re-establishing the IPO as the cornerstone of the emerging growth financial markets.

Since 2014, Third500’s clients have raised more than $700 million of investment capital. In 2018, we partnered with SGX to bring the first fully integrated pre-IPO and IPO capital market dedicated exclusively to emerging growth companies.

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Learn more about job opportunities and internships for students and experienced professionals at Third500. We are on a constant lookout for the brightest and most qualified people to join our offices in Chicago, Singapore, and Bangkok.

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What are emerging growth companies to Third500?

These are companies with revenues of more than $5 million, valued between $25-500 million and looking to grow between 25-100% each year. They will require around $20-70 million in financing between a 12- and 24-month period. With growth not as predictable as middle market companies, they present a unique opportunity for investors.

Benefits of listing on SGX rather than NASDAQ

Emerging growth companies are underserved by NASDAQ. With market caps of less than $250 million, they may never become widely known or grow to be big enough for Wall Street. SGX would represent a better opportunity for these companies as around 40% of all venture capitals are based in Asia, providing the same amount of investment as North America.

Why is Third500 targeting emerging growth companies?

We see a space that has yet to be filled by other investment banks as they may not be the right size or have the capabilities. For example, larger investment banks may concentrate on clients with IPOs of more than $500 million rather than emerging growth companies with IPOs in the region of $50-350 million.



What our clients say about us.

"Mundipharma's global network provides the commercial expertise to broaden and accelerate our expansion of needle-free devices within emerging markets. We look forward to working together to drive our efforts with health ministries to improve Polio, MMR and influenza vaccinations across the emerging world."

- Ron Lowy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PharmaJet Inc.

" This strategic investment in Nautilus will allow Keppel Data Centres to benefit from the development of innovative and sustainable data center technology that has great potential for broader commercial application."

- Mr. Wong Wai Meng, CEO of Keppel Data Centres.

“ This is a great day for Salarius, and it is our honor to ring the Nasdaq Opening Bell commemorating our recent public listing. As an emerging public company, we believe we are well positioned to advance our lead candidate, Seclidemstat, in its ongoing clinical studies and potentially provide a new medicine for a number of cancers with high unmet medical need. ”

- David Arthur, President and CEO of Salarius Pharmaceuticals.