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Innovation Is the Future
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The arc of history bends to the innovators, the pioneers of possible who transform lives and forge new worlds. These innovators, enabled by great teams and visionary investors, inspire us. They are our purpose.

Third500 is building the Emerging Growth Investment Bank — to embody the spirit of the innovator, to embrace their cause, and to empower them for the wonderous world they will create.

Who We Are

Investment Banking:
Re-imagined for the Emerging Growth Economy

In a 2000-meter rowing contest, the third 500 meters is where the race is won. A long way from the start yet far from victory, the grueling third 500 is when great teams become legends. When achievement is born of resolve. When potential yields success.

Third500 is where the best ideas become big businesses.

Through the success of 100 growth companies from over 40 countries, Third500 has advised on more than $7 billion in investment and strategic transactions. Since 2018, Third500 clients have raised $1.2 billion, created $3.2 billion in investment gains and generated 45% IRR after increasing value to legacy investors by 330%.

From Chicago to Shanghai, Austin to Amsterdam, Boston to Basel, Singapore to Sandhill, Third500 clients enjoy unparalleled access to the global community of investors, partners and acquirers throughout the Emerging Growth capital markets.

What is

Emerging Growth?

Among the world’s largest and most consequential investment markets, the Emerging Growth segment comprises all companies with valuations between $50 and $500 million.

Over the past 5 years, the Emerging Growth segment has attracted $514 billion in investments while generating 27% median IRR.  The segment now accounts for 67% of all VC investment and 44% of all exit events. 

However, Emerging Growth is not a priority for traditional market participants. For strategic buyers and growth equity investors, the Emerging Growth segment is considered “too early.” For NASDAQ investors, Emerging Growth is “too small.” For VCs, it is “too late.” For investment banks, the “fees aren’t big enough.”

Third500 understands that Emerging Growth is the heart of global innovation, the center of human achievement, economic advancement, job creation, wealth expansion, environmental action and social progress. Because of that, we built our entire firm around it.


Proof Points

Connecting for Growth in Asia / Pacific

MyRepublic completes $90 million recapitalization to enable accelerated growth of leading integrated telecommunications services in Asia.

June 2012

Our Track Record in Emerging Growth Capital Markets

Since 2018, our clients have raised $1.2 billion and created $3.2 billion in investments gains after increasing value to their founders by 330% Proof Point

Making Data Centers as Green as they are Powerful

Nautilus Data Technologies has closed the first tranche of a $50 million private convertible financing led by UIL.

October 10, 2017

Germ Zapping Robots for the COVID age

Xenex Disinfection Services has secured a $100 million Senior Debt facility to accelerate commercialized of its LightStrike technology.

June 2012

Better Drugs with Less Risk and Lower Cost

Rapid Micro Biosystems completes $60 million equity financing to advance commercialization of its Growth Direct System.

June 2012

Nanotechnology in Biopharmaceuticals

Beginning in 2015, Liquidia Technologies raised $127.3 million in a series of private and public financing initiatives, worldwide.

June 2012

Cures for a Developing World

PharmaJet completes exclusive global distribution agreement with Mundipharma to bring needle-free drug delivery to Third World countries.

June 2012

Pioneering Robotic Medicine

Mobius Imaging completes. a series of financing initiatives with a $500 million acquisition by Stryker.

June 2012

Changing 'Face'

Eirion Therapeutics completes $40 million Series A financing led by Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Ltd. to advance the development of its propriety topical neuromodulator treatment.

June 2012



Third500 is a boutique investment bank serving the global Emerging Growth economy. Our firm was conceived to serve companies in their own ” third 500”.  The fastest growing, most dynamic companies in the world. Innovators at the peak of their potential. Proven businesses -- a long way from the start, yet far from victory. Great teams -- on the brink of history.

From the $10 million private placement to the $50 million IPO, the $75 million “pre-money” to the $300 million “target market cap,” the $15 million partnership to the $500 million M&A event.  

We are distinguished by the market we serve and the things we do for the company we keep. And we’re just putting our oars in the water. 


We Believe


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Global doesn’t mean we’re far away. Reach out to us at our Chicago or Bangkok office.

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