Emerging Growth
Capital Markets

Over the course of its investment horizon, an average Emerging Growth company will raise $92.4 million in increments of $16.5 every 19 months, culminating in an exit after 8.8 years at a valuation of $247 million while generating multiple on investment of 2.7x and IRR of 11.6%.

In the process, those Emerging Growth companies will attract a syndicate of 3.7 institutional investors and $42.5 million (46%) of total capitalization from non-VC sources.  Upon a successful exit, 57% of total capitalization will have been sourced from a regional or strategic partner relevant to that Emerging Growth company.

Third500 understands the Emerging Growth economy, together with the unique needs of its investors, Issuers and strategic participants.


Third500 serves the financing, strategic and liquidity objectives of Emerging Growth companies throughout the entire investment horizon, from “Inflection” to “Exit”. 

Private Placement

For 15 years, we have been uniquely focused on serving the financing objectives of Emerging Growth companies. From Series “X” to PIPE transactions to concurrent financings, Third500 has cultivated a global network of private-minded investors.



Third500 has re-imagined the Emerging Growth IPO by developing an exclusive range of services, capabilities and resources to serve companies valued between $100 and $500 million. From our Pre-IPO Convertible investment instrument to IPO preparedness, standard offering/registration documentation, online investor targeting, and private-to-public Peer Groups, Third500’s Pre-IPO market is setting anew standard for Emerging Growth companies and their investors.


IPO Preparedness

The IPO itself is not a destination but the beginning of a journey. Prior to a debut on NASDAQ or NYSE, the growth objectives of Emerging Growth companies are increasingly dependent on financing, strategic and liquidity advantages offered by the public markets. Third500 offers extensive access to the public markets for Emerging Growth companies, through reverse mergers, public shells and direct listings.


Strategic Advisory

Leveraging our extensive global relationships, Third500 brings a nuanced approach to advising company leadership. This expertise covers all stages of a transaction, including strategy development, target selection, partnership, negotiation, deal structuring and closing. Based on our rigorous process, clients have the ability to carefully weigh the alternatives and develop the right course of action.



IQ500 is an investment management platform for the Emerging Growth economy.Beyond investment research, newsletters and notifications, this platform enablesIssuers, investors and strategic partners to achieve their most important business objectives. To interact – and transact – in a secure and professional environment.IQ500 allows direct access to 69 market sectors; 39,786 investors, CEO’s and BoardMembers; 140,000 market participants; and 6,248 Emerging Growth companies.CTA:  Initiate IQ500 Coverage of your Company



From cross-border partnerships to exclusive distribution and co-development agreements, Third500 provides a broad range of services to support success. Our industry expertise, extensive relationships, capital markets capability and exclusive focus on growth allows us to make unique contributions to every transaction.


Merger & Acquisition

Our senior professionals have a breadth of mergers & acquisitions experience. We counsel our clients through all stages of the growth continuum as we evaluate strategic alternatives, assess potential acquirers and targets, provide valuation analyses and advise on transaction terms including valuation, structuring, timing and potential financing.


Aftermarket Support

A successful IPO and aftermarket performance requires the participation of global active fund managers who signal “smart money” participation to the Market. Conditions such as quality issuers, attractive share price, substantive research and adequate share blocks are required. Third500 issuers aggregate the venture capital and Pre-IPO investors through a shareholders’ agreement, common executing broker and prospectus disclosure to create these buying conditions.


What is

Emerging Growth?

The Singapore pathway features a series of financing events which are perfectly aligned with mainstream global alternatives (e.g. NASDAQ, M&A). While issuers and investors can stay on the pathway, each stage allows for “Off Ramps” to optimize on financing, liquidity and “Exit” alternatives.



Third500 seeks to be the premier investment bank serving the global emerging market with an experience of more than 50 transactions
in 17 countries. We offer distinct capital markets solutions that broaden investment opportunities, expand access to financing, and maximize value.


Senior bankers’ involvement
throughout the process

Third500 offers dedicated senior-level attention throughout a transaction with a long-term commitment.


The success of process depends on the advisor’s skill, concentration, commitment, enthusiasm, and reliability

Third500 maintains in-depth knowledge of the industry’s players, competitive environment, and financing sources. As a result, we consistently deliver top advisory and structured solutions to create win-win situations for all parties.


Relationships do matter

Third500 has access and reach across the entire realm of global investors in emerging growth markets. We aim to offer sound and effective strategies that result in long-standing relationships for both owners and investors alike.