Nautilus Data Technologies, Inc.

Company Summary

Nautilus Data Technologies is a developer of a green technology for a water-cooled data centers designed to set a standard for energy efficiency, environment sustainability and global scalability

Transaction Overview

In July 2018, the Company's Board of Directors and principal investors(including Emerson Collective Scott Lake Holding, and Ireland Strategic Investment Fund) approved the Singapore Financing Pathway.

Significance of the Transaction

Healthios Role

  • Nautilus Data Technology Inc. announced that it has raised $100 million in senior secured debt facility
  • Nautilus signs a MOU with Keppel Data Centres in Singapore to explore development of a floating data center park that may be powered by LNG
  • Nautilus raised $27 million of Series C venture funding from Keppel, Emerson Collective and Ireland Strategic Investment Fund
  • Successfully raised $10 million in Series B funding in March of 2016

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Private Placement
Nautilus Data Technologies, Inc.
Has closed $10,000,000 of convertible note in $50,000,000 round led by UIL Limited
The undersigned acted as exclusive financial advisor to Nautilus Data Technologies Mergers & Acquisitions MyRepublic Group Limited Has completed its $55,000,000
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