Mobius Imaging, LLC.

Company Summary

Mobius Imaging develops, designs and manufactures advanced imaging technologies that fit seamlessly into existing medical workflows. Founded in 2008, the company has installed over 130 installations in 23 countries since 2014.

Transaction Overview

•   On September 4, 2019, Stryker announced the acquisition of Mobius for $500 million, of which
   $130 million is subject to certain regulatory milestones to be achieved during 2020.

•   In November 2018, Runway Growth Capital completed $25 million structured debt facility.

•   In July 2018, Mobius completed the first tranche of a $57 million Pre-IPO financing, anchored
   by a strategic partnership and a $6 million equity investment by Tinavi (Shanghai).

Significance of the Transaction

• The Stryker transaction represents an extraordinary outcome for the Company and its shareholders, with transcendent potential for hospitals and patients. • The Tinavi and Runway investments enabled Mobius to: (i) expand the Company’s development and commercial footprint; (ii) establish market leadership in target geographies, particularly in Asia; (iii) solidify relationships with hospital customers; and, (iv) consummate long-term distribution arrangements. Certain proceeds from these transactions were used to re-purchase distribution and services businesses which had been subject to non-dilutive financing arrangements earlier in the Company’s development.

Healthios Role

•   Healthios / Third500 served as exclusive strategic and financial advisor to Mobius in these

•   This transaction underscores Healthios’ commitment to capital formation, to creative strategic
   relationships, to Pre-IPO & IPO’s for emerging growth companies, to our global reach,
   and – to serving the financing, strategic AND liquidity objectives of the most promising
   companies at the peak of their potential

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Mobius Imaging, LLC.
Mobius Imaging, LLC. has been acquired for $500 million by
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