Immunarray Ltd.

Company Summary

ImmunArray Ltd is an early commercial stage diagnostics company with the ability to rapidly develop new diagnostic tests using its proprietary iCHIP® technology The Company’s lead commercial product, SLE-key® is a blood test to assist the physician in ruling out Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Transaction Overview

  • ImmunArray and Kindstar will undertake joint clinical testing of up to 500 serum samples from Chinese patients
  • Kindstar will acquire the exclusive rights to market ImmunArray’s SLE-Key Rule-Out® test in China

Significance of the Transaction

Support the clinical implementation of ImmunArray’s SLE-Key Rule-Out® test, which was introduced in the US in 2016 Combine the resources of two innovative diagnostic companies that are focused on finding solutions to the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases

Healthios Role

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Immunarray Ltd.
Has entered into a strategic partnership with Kindstar Global
The undersigned acted as advisor to Immunarray
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